Saturday, October 29, 2011

32 Questions (Daily Drop #1)

As the first instalment in the "Everyday Drop" series, these are lyrics for a track I never got around to record. It's very emotional and I hope you guys enjoy what you read!
32 Questions
How would you feel if I wasn't your son?
If I wasn't the one? if I never had come?
Would you be better off? do you think that I'm dumb?
Am I the reason your eyes are numb?
Does it bother you, when I never pray?
Why are my hopes starting to fade? why are my hairs greyed?
Have I aged well? are you proud of what I've done? 
Or do you really hate to see the person I've become?
Do you understand my priorities? do you hear me cry?
Do you feel the stress that tears me inside?
Why do you never hug me, or tell me you love me?
You said you gave enough, but why am I still hungry?
Why do I even have these questions for my parents?
What's the reason? my feelings should be apparent

If I died today would you love me tomorrow?
Will you keep my picture framed?
Would you remember who I was and feel a lil sorrow?
Or would you move on in a flash and feel no pain?
Why am i paranoid? do u think that im good enough?
Will another man take you when things aren't looking up?
Do you hate me for who I am? do you still love me?
Started with no strings eventually you hung me
Why am I so attached n why can i never show?
How I really feel, I'll end up watchin her go
Why can't I let her know she means so much more
Then I can even express, will these feelings grow?
Why is time moving fast but I'm feeling so low?
Why's my mind stuck in the past, why am I dealing these blows?
I only want to know is this love going to die fast?
I asked you 16 questions will u reply back


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