Saturday, February 04, 2012


How is everyone feeling? The name's The Infamous Frenzy, and while I'd like to say the name was created as a misnomer, being on the run for several accounts of creating ill beats, releasing a dope beattape, two accounts of arson, one account of murder (deserved it, tbh), and eighty-two accounts of jaywalking, I guess the name sorta makes sense now.

This blog can and will be one of the best around, and when I'm not on the run from the feds, I'll sneak into a library or something and update the blog from there. My blog posts will include the Infamous Infomation of the week, basically stuff that catches my eye in rap for that week, and my Frenzy Feedback, opinions and mini-reviews on the news/albums that is hot that week. Hopefully this blog can get some more contributors, cause the computer I'm currently using belongs to this lovely family of....three? Guessed it on the family photo on the table next to me. Uh-oh, that sounded like their car pulling up in the driveway. Gotta go!


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