Sunday, January 08, 2012

The "New World" Contest!

So I've decided to host a contest for all the rappers! 

It's pretty simple, I will be providing you a beat which can be found below and the person who makes the hottest track with it will win. 

There will be two rounds and it's going to go like this:

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1. Use the provided beat and record ONE verse + the hook.
2. Me and two other judges will short list 10 rappers from the entries to put through to the second round.*

1. If you are chosen for the second round, you will need to record the second verse to your song and apply any finishing touches to complete your track (Bridge, Ad-libs, etc.).
2. After you're track is done, you have to promote it and create buzz around the track! This could be via Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, SoundCloud, and other social media outputs.**
3. I will post up a poll on this blog with the finalists to allow people to vote for you. 
4. At the deadline for the second round we will choose the winners based on quality of song, generated buzz,  and poll votes.
*Rappers will be judged on originality, delivery, mic presence, flow and lyrics. There's no topic that you rap about, do whatever you want with the beat. 

**When promoting your track on any social media output, title the track:
Oh.Globe "New World" Contest (Your Artist Name Here)

Grand Prize:
- $50 via PayPal
- A spot on the featured slide reel on the homepage of the blog
- Distribution rights to the beat
- Oh.Globe T-Shirt

- $25 via PayPal
- Oh.Globe T-Shirt

2nd Runner-Up:
- Oh.Globe T-Shirt

The Beat:


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