Thursday, February 23, 2012

Artist Interview: Supreme Regime

Supreme Regime

Yesterday, the Oh.Globe spotlight was on up and coming Chicago collective Supreme Regime. You can read the Artist Spotlight and listen to their tunes here. In the Spotlight, I mentioned an interview with member Loud Mouth. Well, I was able to also get input from another member, Jommis Jettison. Here is my conversation with a fraction of the magnificent Supreme Regime.

Me: First off, identify yourself. What's your stage name and what do you contribute to Supreme Regime?

Loud: My stage name is Loud Mouth and I bring grimey, offensive, and often emmotional lyrics to the group.

Me: Who is all in Supreme Regime?

Loud: Right now, we have a production unit also known as Green Iris who make all of our original beats. We started off with three emcees, and added the newest/younger member a couple weeks back. He's a fifteen year old emcee that goes by Smiley Nahsa.

Me: And everybody is from Chicago?

Loud: Yessir Chi born and raised.

Jettison: I'm from Northside Chicago. Pulaski and Elston.

Me: That's pretty close to me...Portage Park area here.

Jettison: That's what's up. I fuck with the Chi...I need to tour though. I'm bigger than this city. For real. We gon' make it in a second.

Me: Has growing up in Chicago influenced your music in anyway? Are you guys big fans of any local Chicago giants like the Molemen?

Loud: Growing up in Chicago has definately influenced our music in one way or the other. We definately support local artists that are on the uprise.

Me: What's the story behind the name "Supreme Regime"?

Loud: I actually wasnt behind the origin of the name, I came in after Jesse and Paul already had the name so you're going to have to go through them for that one.

Jetisson: I came up with it kinda on a whim cause it sounds cool. It's not really anything too deep. It just sounds cool. I would like to find the perfect name but it hasn't hit me yet. We are dope (Supreme) and we are a squad (Regime). It's a wonderful family that has all different skills.

Me: How did you all meet each other?

Jetisson: High school essentially.

Me: Ahh ok. Have you guys reached out to other local buzzing Chicago artists? Guys like Rockie Fresh and Calez are making noise.

Loud: We are definitely fans of both of them. However, right now we're lacking a manager so its kind of hard to get into contact with other artists. We would love to work with them in the near future if that becomes an option. However, we have talked to Chance from Savemoney about possible future collabs but nothing's set in stone. We'll see what happens.

Jetisson: Supreme Regime and Chance a lil', but its really just Supreme. Why do we need anyone else? We got it all: hooks, flows, lyrics, and creativity. We're bout this. I'm living for this.

Me: Whatever's on your Soundcloud is what I know about Supreme Regime. Is there a tape or album out? If not, what's the timetable for one?

Loud: Glad you asked. Our Soundcloud is just a ragtag bunch of singles to create some type of portfolio. We've been working on an all original album called Sloane Peterson that will be dropping within the next two months. The only song that's out to the public right now from the album is S.O.G.

Me: Ferris Bueller's Day Off reference haha. That's one of my favorite movies.

Loud: Exactly, so Chicago. And Sloane is a bad bitch so it was only right.

Me: What's your favorite hot dog joint in the Chi?

Loud: Definitely Sam's Red Hots on Armitage and Western. May 15 is the release date for Sloane by the way.

Me: Oh for sure. When that drops, we'll be all over it.

Loud: Sounds good. We appreciate the support man.

Me: One last question. If someone was to ask you "who the hell is Supreme Regime and why should I listen to them?", what would you respond with?

Loud: I'd tell him Supreme Regime are just some real ass Chi-Town cats, tryna change music and that they should listen because I guarantee they never heard or will hear anything like it.

Jetisson: Just know that we ain't a fusion of old and new hip hop, we are SUPREME REGIME. We are forever this new breed of hip-hop. It ain't labeled.

Me: Your music really should do all the talking, it's dope. Well, good luck to you guys and know that whatever you guys drop has a home at Oh.Globe.

Loud: Much appreciated man, thanks for the love.

Jetisson: Supreme Regime will bandage every cut. We're covering the globe.

Supreme Regime's Soundcloud:

Follow Supreme Regime on Twitter: @Supreme_Regime


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