Monday, February 06, 2012

Review: Chuuwee x Sundown - The Millennium Falcon​(​EP​.​1)

A little late on this one, but I figured it'd be a good way to start off my postings around here. For this EP, Sacramento, CA emcee Chuuwee collaborates with producer/emcee Sundown (Of Actual Proof). Presented by NQM Blog &, The Millennium Falcon​(​EP​.​1) combines very chill beats with Chuuwee's chill rhyme schemes and verses. Recorded together in North Carolina during a period of 11 days, Sundown and Chuuwee have proved to be a good combination, with each of the duo feeding off the other. This EP takes a Star Wars theme, utilizing various sound clips and themes throughout.

Chuuwee and Sundown aren't two emcees one would hear and expect to be able to work so well on a project together. But the fact that they have such different flows and rap abilities that they complement each other and overall it works very well. The large majority of this tape is intelligent writing and great delivery over ill beats that someone can really sit back and blow blunts to. The fact that this was recorded in 11 days, you can tell that this project was done to try to accomplish two things: to have fun with it, and make dope music. You can just tell that they enjoyed doing this by listening to it one time.
The whole EP certainly isn't perfect, many of the features are forgettable and some of the beats boring. For the most part, Chuuwee and Sundown's verses are good, but overall the tape doesnt have as much replay value as other releases from these two artists, respectively. They are joined on this by Intalek, Thee Tom Hardy, Sean Boog, Carbin, Drique London, Keno, Big Remo, GQ and Halo, though personally I found the only features that stayed in my head after I heard the track was Sean Boog(The Death Star), Halo(You Are) and Thee Tom Hardy(Attacking the Clones). After the 8th track, Night on the Town, the beats seemed to get a little bit more boring and long, which was disappointing but the verses dropped by the emcees on the songs made them listenable.
Overall, this was a good listen. Half of this will probably get major replay value from me, and if you like good music i'd definitely suggest at least peeping the tracks I mention below.

Rating: 7/10

Honorable Mention Tracks: I Remember, The Death Star, They Better Run



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