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Artist Interview: Sadistik

In 2008, an album called The Balancing Act was unleashed on the hip-hop scene almost out of nowhere. The creator of the masterpiece of self-conscious hip-hop, Seattle-born Sadistik, was able to lend us at Oh.Globe some of his time to talk about what we all want to know: what is his next project and when is it going to see the light of day? Check it out.
 Me: You have one of the best flows and technical abilities in the hip-hop game today, and I've even met some people who say you have some of the best tech skills EVER. What rappers have contributed to the development of that amazing trademark flow?

Sadistik: Well first of all, I appreciate the sentiment but I can certainly name other rappers who are more impressive than me technically. With that said, I do consider myself a pretty technical rapper. I've always been very intrigued and excited by what you can do vocally or with writing that pushes the envelope a little bit, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I've always been pretty obsessed with studying other artists and trying to learn what they're doing and how they do it, so I can hopefully add it to my little toolbox of techniques. I used to talk to Eyedea about this, because when he would perform that song "Now" he would do the entire double time section in one breath at times and he would do it at the end of a really energetic set. I still don't know how he was able to do that so well. I've caught myself studying everyone from Sage Francis to Organized Konfusion. It's actually funny you ask this too, because I was just telling someone that I had a dream last night that I was in a classroom dissecting the lyrics to Notorious B.I.G.'s "Me and My Bitch." I think I need to get out of the house more. 

Me: Has your studies in Psychology and Sociology influenced your writing at all?

Sadistik: I'm sure it has in some way or another. I mean, I don't sit down and tell myself that I want to incorporate some Psychology theory into a verse or something like that, but my academic background has definitely had an impact on the way I think and view things, which in turn shows up in my writing. 

Me: Some people like to label you as "too emo". How do you respond to these attempts to write off your craft? 

Sadistik: I don't really care about things like that. Some of my stuff is too heavy for some people and some people love it for the same reason. A lot of my material is pretty dreary or emotional, especially my earlier work, but as long as I feel like I'm writing honestly I figure that is all I can control. My aim isn't to make everybody like me.

Me: The Seattle scene is really buzzing right do you feel it holds up to the other up and coming scenes?

Sadistik: Seattle certainly is buzzing right now. It's kind of a weird culture musically here sometimes and, to be honest, I don't feel like I fit into it entirely and I'm fine with that. There are a lot of rappers here that do great locally but when they leave town they aren't received, then there are artists like myself who aren't as big locally but do well when they're out of town, and there's everything in between. I definitely wouldn't say I'm a fan of all the rap that is buzzing in Seattle right now, but there are a handful of acts that I'm a big fan of. 

Me: How did you feel about the SuperSonics getting the axe? I know Blue Scholars didn't feel too hot about that.

Sadistik: Ah man, it kills me, especially to watch Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Supersonics (See what I did there?) do so well. The deceitful way that the shithead owner went about moving them really adds to the sting as well. The rumor mill is saying we might get a new team as soon as next year so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

Me: Assuming you watched the Sonics as a kid, what was your favorite Sonics moment?

Sadistik: I actually wasn't a Sonics fan when I was a kid, I was a Bulls fan (creative, I know), so when we were in the finals I was rooting against the home team. I've paid my penance though and promise to appreciate them if we get a new team. 

Me: Last year, you and Kristoff Krane released a collaboration album called Prey for Paralysis that was among my favorites of 2011. What about Kristoff Krane made you want to collaborate for your first full collab-with-a-rapper album?

Sadistik: Well, I consider Chris to be one of my best friends and we have a lot of chemistry creatively so we really didn't debate about it much, it just made sense to work together. We met each other through Eyedea and have worked closely ever since. Aside from being friends with him, I also happen to think Kristoff is teetering on the edge of being a genius in some ways and I'm a big fan of his music. 

Me: I've read about you collaborating with heavyweight producer Kno, production team Blue Sky Black Death, and even Emancipator again. Are these projects still in development? They all have perfect styles that will compliment your style perfectly.

Sadistik: Yea, Blue Sky Black Death and Kno have both contributed to my solo record called "Flowers for My Father" that should be finished relatively soon. As for Emancipator, we've been sitting on a halfway completed album together for quite a while now, and when our schedules coincide a little bit better we'll finish that one up. I know people have been excited about that one for a while. 

Me: How did you meet Kno?

Sadistik: He and I haven't actually met in person yet, but I'm sure that will change soon (hint, hint). I approached him through an email telling him that I'm a big fan of his work and he was kind enough to make some music with me. He's a really talented producer and I hope to work with him more in the future. 

Me: Are you working with CunninLynguists for any new projects by them at all? That'd be one hell of a collaboration.

Sadistik: No comment just yet, I can't give everything away. 

Me: Have you tried your hand at producing?

Sadistik: I haven't but would like to. Know anybody that would like to school me on it? I usually try to stay involved with the producers I work with and present ideas that I think would work, but that's about as far as I've gotten.

Me: I've also read that you would want to work with Thom Yorke. What are your top 5 Radiohead songs?

Sadistik: Radiohead is my favorite band, hands down. The first five that come to mind are: Pyramid Song, How to Disappear Completely, Climbing Up the Walls, Exit Music and Reckoner. 

Me: What's the info/timetable on your next project? Who do you have as far as features go?

Sadistik: Well, my next project is called Flowers For My Father and it's what I consider the true follow up to The Balancing Act in the sense that it's the only other full length project where I'm making all of the decisions. It's nearing completion but I can't give a release date yet. All I can say is that I think this is my favorite project that I've done. 

Me: You have to start getting on some more tracks man! The world wants to hear more Sadistik. Your buzz is crazy right now.

Sadistik: I have a buzz? Awesome. And I know, I want to release a lot more music as well, believe me. I actually have a lot of finished songs waiting to be released, I just want to make sure everything is exactly how I want it. I also want to make sure that as many people are exposed to it as possible and since I'm unsigned and do nearly everything on my own, the back end work takes up some of my time as well. But trust me, you'll hear a lot of new music from me very soon. 

Me: If somebody was to ask you "Who the hell is Sadistik and why should I listen?", what would your response be?

Sadistik: I'd tell them "He's the David Lynch of this rap shit."

Me: Thanks for you time man, and know that whatever releases you come out with have another home here at Oh.Globe. Good luck to everything you do in the future.

Sadistik: Gratzi!


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Sadistik is my fav rapper hands down. Everything he does is so genius and he makes it look like it's simple when its not. His music speaks to me a lot more than any other musician out there.

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This guy is great. Hope his success keeps climbing and climbing.

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