Saturday, November 05, 2011

The world is YOURS, i'll teach you how to take it!

Nowadays, EVERYONE wants to be a rapper. It`s not because they love the music, it`s because people see an easy opening to earn a lot of money. The only problem is that they don't know how to do it. So in this post, I'll point out some of the most IMPORTANT things needed to help you climb the steps to success! 

To make it in the industry these days, people only need 3 things:

1) Friends
2) A Brand Name
3) Social Skills

Let`s be real, if you don`t have friends, there`s a high chance you`ll be putting up videos on YouTube of you rapping which get 100-300 views a month because your not pin pointing an audience. You're basically waiting for random people to stumble across your music and like it enough to love you for it, which is highly unlikely because of the vast amount of "internet rappers" these days. The best way to put it is that, you have to have a target to hit it.

You have to learn how to market yourself and your music! This is something you can't learn in  accredited online colleges or universities, you have to develop social skills and reach out to artists around you. Make friends that will you can use to gain more exposure and target a group of people who you want to promote your music too.

For example, let`s say you have an extremely popular friend who shares an interest in Hip-Hop and records his own tracks but in all honesty he's horrible. Normally people would try to avoid collaborating with a terrible rapper because they believe it's going to ruin their quality music but really what's the use of making quality music if no one ever hears it?

So what should you actually do? Ask him to hop on your next track. First of all, if he's horrible and you have some talent, when he shows the track to all his friends, you'll sound a lot better since he's trash. Secondly, all his friends will hear you and might even try to hit you up and check out your other music.

Now here's where the second thing comes in, YOU HAVE TO HAVE A BRAND NAME! You MUST have something for people to remember you by. Something catchy, interesting, easy to say and unique. Now don't get me confused, a brand name doesn't have to be your own line of T-Shirts, it could just be your artist name. Just have something to separate you from other artists. For example, the rapper J. Cole uses the term Cole World, Jay-Z uses the Diamond hand sign to symbolize his record label RocNation, these are all forms of Branding. A brand name can change you from just another rapper to a recognized artist.

Lastly, once you start gaining a buzz you will meet more people, have more collaboration offers, shows to preform and you might even be doing interviews. To make all these things go smoothly you got to have social skills. That means if your socially awkward or only do well in your own circle, you HAVE to learn to meet new people and create conversation! Make people WANT to work with you! Make sure you have personality. If you notice something about all celebrities a like is that they can talk to anyone. It's part of their job. Why would anyone want to work with you if you just sit there awkwardly and stare at their face...

Make people go "wow it was a great experience working with you!" If you land a good impression of someone their's a high chance they will tell other people about you and your music, creating more fans and a bigger buzz.

You must create a presence as an artist! This will also help your music and live performances. A good performer creates a bond with the audience and controls the crowd. Just make sure you don't over do it, people can tell when you're trying too hard or forcing yourself to do something you're not comfortable with.

There's a ton of other things to go along with all the things I said but these are just some of the main points. Now as easy as this may sound, trust me it's not. Becoming a well known artist requires dedication, hard work and sacrifices. If you are serious about getting a career in the music industry, don't let anyone talk you out of it. It IS hard, people WILL say it's impossible but anything is achievable if you put your mind to it! Avoid distractions, think of what the fruits of your labour will be. Work to achieve, don't work to work!

That's all I have for today, if you enjoyed what you read, please follow the blog and share with others :)

If you think you deserve the world, take what's yours and let nothing stop you.


Kyle Spangler said...

Thanks for the tips, although Ill never be a good rapper if I tried. just isn't my industry

Deso said...

It is ours!

minecraft129 said...

awesome! I have the lyrics but my voice is just so... ugh. can't rap with a crappy voice :(

Publius said...

great advice!

Anonymous said...

Yes the world is mine!

Crisalys said...

Nice reading. Very motivational.

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