Thursday, March 08, 2012

New Music: Nino Bless - Get Ready Freestyle (Lyrics)

Freestyle Nino drops over Hell Rell's "Get Ready" beat. This one isn't going to be on his upcoming album A Bitch Named Karma, but instead one of his new mixtapes, both will be released shortly. If this is any indication as to what he's been working on then the music that follows will be fucking fantastic.

Who the fuck am I, Ni No
I will never ever fall, real niggaz know my M.O
Heads up, look out, the kid  is back oh oh,
Somebody done did it , admit it, i am pissing off my critics, listen

The kids a cynic with lyrics most consider quick witted
I don't scratch a  bitches back, while others is itching to get it
So who am I? You fuckers know that Nino's sick
I am to the underground what Drake is to an emo chick
"Don't do it, please don't do it"
Whatever's in my way I'll blow a hole right thru it (Blaow)
Move out my way, come on get some pep on ya step
An internet message could get ya whole crib Virgina Tech'd in a sec
Cyber threat me I'll see you wit a gat thats chrome
Act like I'ma clap ya dome & film it wit a my camera holmes
But I don't dry snitch on myself, so bitch this ain't going on no website, like Chris Brown snatching phones Fuck a crew I stand alone, I'm my own anchor, I'm in my ghangis zone
I'm Sugar Ray with hands of stone
Nino is not the one to  fuck with, leave that man alone
If not, this cannon's blown like when Mariah's man's at home
Now that's a dome shot, on top
Shit, some say I deliver the flow, illler than hov, where's hov's gwop?
When son drop, no filler, shit every songs hot
I get to the fucking point,  like skipping through a porn's plot (yeah)
I'm always on beat like an armed cop
The one man army, like I'm camping and  tubing non stop
That's for my gamers, know,  my aim, defines range
try u die, its Michael Meyers, running around with lightweight
I played, it my way, so why hate
I just drop that shit for the streets, no bridesmaids
the tri-state, knows I'm great when I take
Beats, and apply rape, it hits  ya chest like a wild ape
Fuck ham i go Tarzan its Arkham
City in the heartland of the hood where we starving
You know that marksman reps
Ya buzz? I don't care for that Holmes like Mark Sanchez, look
The boss soldier is back, my break is all over
Sorry that I disappeared like Lebron in the 4th quarter
I came, I saw, and conquered, never sold out a concert
Flowing bonkers got me features and promo with no dough or sponsors
I hate to shoot, look what u made me do
Silencer with the potato, don't worry for ya wake I'll get a tailored suit
Witness the onslaught,  now u could say its a fluke
I'm like a tarheel that's  amped for my rival now  but I ain't playing duke
I got this Onsmash, spit shit these blogs like
flow is 2dopeboy, should i switch it Nah, Right
MrExclusives here, i got that shit I'm making records
That'll take a second to get, but literally it'll Shake the Meka
I'm playing reckless, run into a DJBooth
Like "Play that HotNewHipHop, Nino is the savior & the truth
its game time Okay Player, I'm lighting ether near the Smoking Section
Blow this up with no discretion


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