Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Artist Spotlight: CASTLE

CASTLE is a Greensboro, NC product who does it all. He produces his own stuff, raps over it, and then designs his own artwork. He comes from a family of DJs, breakdancers, and emcees. His pops rapped while his mom wrote for him. Needless to say, he was born into the game. When he was five, the two got him involved after his dad thought it'd be a dope idea to put his son on a track. There are many influences to CASTLE's craft, but artists that have majorly impacted him include the legendary crews Native Tongues, Wu-Tang & Slum Village, from emceeing to production. He has put out 3 fantastic mixtapes and 3 song remixes on his Bandcamp and his latest, pictured above, is titled Tasting. The free EP sets the artist's rapping talents aside and puts CASTLE's experimental layered out production on display for 9 short tracks. If heard by the right ears, there's no reason why CASTLE can't blow up...he's certainly got the talent. Look out for a Q&A feature with the dude in the coming week.

You can download the EP off his Bandcamp here or stream it here:

CASTLE's Bandcamp: http://castle.bandcamp.com/

CASTLE's Twitter: @cstlnova


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