Friday, December 02, 2011

Kanye West - Drive Slow (The Car Accident Freeverse)

Alright, here's something a little different. I didn't have my microphone handy so I wanted to post this freeverse I wrote to Kanye West's "Drive Slow". Chose this track because I just got into a car accident the other day but luckily I didn't get any severe injuries which would stop me from writing! So check out my "Accident Rap" and let me know what you think:

Got a, bit of the liquor when im in a mix with the misses
Storming out with a finger n some triggas feeling an itching
Hearing her b******g needing attention got my feet in the tension
I'm so deep in this next s***t so now u seein the picture
Leave it to mixtures to have me leaking these sips of
Belv when im stressed n just quit beleiveing the scriptures
Got criminal intentions, sending them vet's pensions
Having em sentenced as I'm wrecking reflections
Read the description this life isn't what most claim
Roasted by flames that i was supposed to maintain
Fuck the next b***h whos saying im closer to fame
Because I'm still broke unpaid, hoping for minimum wage
N the checks just keep fading like the best of my grades
Whatevers left of my pay is just spent on the planes
The rents just a plague so i get high n see monsters
Keep coughing a full circle, im Steve Austin
The more i step to pedels, the level just keeps dropping
I'm set on this mission to rebel but i scream often
Now im, on this road i aint checking no signs
Depressed in my mind so im next in the line
Liquor store, sickamores, now i got my mind blown
Fast life god talkin, owais drive slow
But my brake broke, 220 wen im into my zone
Stay close, who wants it all my enemies known
I toast, all u people only watchin me grow
Will i drivee slow? heeeelll nooo
Fast and furious, you wont know when my hatchet has tore ya
Running over rappers, let them find an accident lawyer
Get car insurance quotes, never meant for the fast lane
Half brained so damn tamed, looking for some green, no plantains
I'm so progressive, living to find heaven
Put em on death beds and takes me less then a second
This is magic before your eyes, laughing at all ya
Trap them in my lines, i'ma rabid preformer
These rappers jacked so many son's you should be tatted Latoya
Pay homage motherf******'s I've been at it before ya


Kyle Spangler said...

Awesome Freeverse man.

An Arsenalist said...

what a Freeverse man!

bluestag said...

Thats some heavy shit.

ZIane said...

Nice one man. I lol'd a couple of times

Saravita Products said...

Wow nice one... I like it really!

Anonymous said...

good lyrics!!

Anonymous said...

Hey that is pretty damn good.

filipe3x said...

Wow. Sir, that was amazing.

Nice post!

M Fawful said...

Pretty good. Hope you feel better from your accident.

Publius said...

don't rush to get grown, drive slow homie

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