Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Emperor Bohe

Emperor Bohe, birth name Kevin Matos, is a young hip-hop producer hailing from Toronto, Canada. He is known for his lo-fi soul sound and expert sampling skills. Bohe was once a member of the Rhythym Voyagers Crew, a collective of prodigious hip-hop talents that consisted of himself along with PCO, Velosity, Direq, BE.water, Sketch, Jansport J, and HM!.  The 20 year old has been making beats since 7th grade and has released 5 projects, with his first being a fully produced collaboration with fellow RVC rapper PCO entitled Elevator Music. Bohe released that project when he was 14 and it was released to mass critical acclaim from those who were fortunate enough to get their ears on it. His latest release was also a joint collaboration with rapper Broken Pen entitled Free Health Care that dropped June of 2011. Bohe has been working on a project that he's dubbed his "dream project", so if it is going to be any better than what he has already put out, then you should really drop what you're looking out for and turn your head to the dude. Look out for an interview with him coming really soon.

You can download the Broken Pen/Emperor Bohe collaboration album Free Health Care for free here or stream it here:

You can download the fantastic PCO/Emperor Bohe collaboration album Elevator Music for free here or stream it here:

Emperor Bohe's Bandcamp: http://emperorbohe.bandcamp.com/

Emperor Bohe's Tumblr: http://emperorbohe.tumblr.com/

Emperor Bohe's Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/emperor-bohe

Follow Emperor Bohe on Twitter: @EmperorBohe


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