Sunday, February 19, 2012

Artist Spotlight: ILLXLOVE

ILLXLOVE is an up and coming producer from New York. ILLXLOVE's main inspirations stem from the sample-heavy elite: J Dilla, Madlib, and Pete Rock, among others. He began his venture in music making like many other aspiring producers in that he began studying many producers' styles and making music for fun at home. It soon became something he did on the regular and ILLXLOVE was born. The inspirations mentioned are more than musical, as he's been a workhorse just like Dilla, Madlib, and Pete Rock are known to be; 5 tapes since October 2011 should prove that. His latest release, Amor Ad X, is up for free download on his Bandcamp. With this project, ILLXLOVE pushes sounds which touch aspects of genres in Electronic, Indie, Soul, R&B, and of course hip-hop. If you dig instrumental hip-hop, then you will love ILLXLOVE.

You can down his album off of his Bandcamp here or stream it here:

His Bandcamp:


Wiz said...

Good project. I've been down with dude since his first project and he's getting better and better with each one.

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