Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Supreme Regime

Supreme Regime is a Chicago based collective that is rapidly gaining buzz around the internet and around the city. Consisting of Jommis Jettison, Loud Mouth, Paul-O, Smiley Nahsa, and the production team Green Iris, the crew has established a well grounded following and they do live up to the hype. Backed by a fusion of new school techniques and rooted boom bap laced by Green Iris, the emcees of Supreme Regime mix raw lyricism with natural born Chicago swagger...they know how to construct enjoyable hip-hop. I dare you to try to keep your head from bobbing as you listen to the promo singles they got out on their Soundcloud. Look out for their debut project Sloane Peterson dropping May 11th. Also, I got a chance to speak a little with Loud Mouth, so look out for that Q&A with him posted up real soon. In the meantime, enjoy the future of Chicago hip-hop blossoming before you eyes:

Also, check out their debut music video for their track "S.O.V." here:

Supreme Regime's Soundcloud:

Follow Supreme Regime on Twitter: @Supreme_Regime


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