Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gemstone Of The Week! Week 1: Big Sean- Get It (Feat. Pharell)

How's everybody doing? After breaking into a local public library and timing my jump over several tripwires, I made it to one of the public computers so I can bring you the Gemstone of the Week!

But just what is the Gemstone of the Week? Well, for starters, the names Rick Ross, Kanye West, Big Sean, and J. Cole should ring bells in your head. So should the albums Onierology, The Greatest Story Never Told, Finally Famous, and Undun. Do they? Well, even the most popular artists and albums have that one song which isn't a single, has no music video, or receives no hype of any kind, and yet is still one of the best songs on the album! Those are our gemstones, and I'm dedicated to bringing each gemstone the attention it deserves!

The first GOTW is from newcomer Big Sean's debut album, Finally Famous, titled Get It.. The song features Pharell of The Neptunes, who sings the hook in addition to producing the beat.

 Immediately as the song starts, the banging drums and frenzied piano gets you into the mood as Pharell triumphantly states, "It's money time!", before his crooning signifies the transfer into the hook. Being one of the few who thinks Pharell is a good hook man/rapper, I was pleasantly surprised with his hook. His aspirations to get his money to "Donald Trump levels" may appear a little too ambitious, but it resonates well with anyone and everyone out there trying to make it big. He immediately follows that line with a more somber one: "I'm trying to get these dreams off the ground, all aboard on the shuttle". For Pharell, who is one of the few out there who I believe I can safely say has been it all and done it all, this line seems to channel Big Sean more, who is relatively new to this fame (after all, the album title is FINALLY Famous), and still has a ways to go before he can boast like Pharell, too. The last part of the hook appears to be acknowledging the support of his hoes fans, as he "goes for the gold".

The rest of the song tells about Sean's aspirations and dreams, and the success that came with the success. He repeats the lines" Sipping on shit older than me, the warmer the weather the colder the drink, the colder the weather the warmer the mink, I'm living life like I found a fucking check with no ink, I get it" at the end of  each verse, as a reminder of his success and his journey to get to it.

His success isn't the only thing on his mind, though. He realizes that he has to support his family with the "trillion in cash" he dreamed of, and when he does so, he can "finally become a man". He also isn't completely satisfied with just striving to be the best rapper, but wants to be the "greatest of all Bigs (in this case, Biggie, Big L, Big Pun, etc.) and the greatest of all Seans (Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter and Sean "Diddy" Combs). This is a pretty large boast coming from a newcomer on his debut album, but with the way Sean's going, it's not entirely plausible.

In short, this is what I would consider to be the Gemstone of Finally Famous, and if you're a Big Sean fan, or even someone who hasn't heard him before, I'm sure this is a good song to you either way.

Uh-oh, the sun's coming up. Gotta hide in the bathroom and leave once the library is kinda filled with people. Be sure to check back around the same time next week for the next GOTW!


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