Sunday, February 05, 2012

Wiz's Album of the Week #1: Gang Starr - "Daily Operation"

Welcome to "Wiz's Album of the Week" series, which I'll be updating every Sunday! In this series I will discuss an album that I have been playing throughout the week, whether it be new or old. This is not limited to just hip-hop releases, it could be of any genre that piques my interest. Through this, I hope to raise more discussion on great albums, and hopefully introduce some new music to you all.

For week one, we have the legendary duo Gang Starr's classic album "Daily Operation." "Daily Operation" is a perfect example of the great synergy that exists between a rapper and a producer. DJ Premier's beats and Guru's strong and powerful lyrics make for a very enjoyable and timeless album.

"Daily Operation" has a lot of standout tracks, so it was pretty hard to choose a favorite. However, I urge you to check this album out if you haven't already, it's Hip-Hop 101!

If you have the music streaming program Spotify on your phone or PC/Mac and want to listen to "Daily Operation", then click here!

Enjoy and discuss the album here, and see you all next week!


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