Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Album: Otitis - Audioraincloud

Ok. not necessarily "new" (it's been out since February) but the latest release from the extraordinarily talented producer Otitis is worth every spotlight it can catch. Otitis has been doing his thing since 2006 and since then has released a plethora of material, from solo projects to collaboration albums with MCs to entire remix albums. His style is the definition of versatile, ranging from club bangars to soundtracks to the most underground while sampling soul music to rock. Audioraincloud is his fourth instrumental-only release. His goal with this project was to make a beat for every part of a storm - the calm before, the violent parts, the eye of the storm, and the most relaxing parts. The accuracy of the emotions that Otitis tries to convey is incredible with this project and every instrumental hip-hop junkie WILL love this album and even if you don't dig the instrumental side of the hip-hop world, there is no reason not to appreciate the fresh breath of air that this concept album brings. Check it and love it.

You can stream the album below or download it for free (or buy it for a price that you name) here .


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