Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Album Review: Styles P- The World's Most Hardest MC

Album Review: Styles P- The World's Most Hardest MC Project

Artist- Styles P
Year: 2012
Rating: 6/10

If you know anything about Styles P you know that his music is some of the most gutter shit in rap. Always has been, always will be. Depicting the harsh life of the streets is what he does best and this is exactly what this album promises to bring you. Styles has been a veteran of the rap game for years debuting in 2002 with the classic “A Gangster And A Gentleman” album and arguably hasn't had a bad album in his catalog since. “The World's Most Hardest MC Project” claims to be a proper uncompromising representation of the gutter and it delivers.

The album is short, 11 songs counting the intro and outro making the length to be about 30 minutes. The production is stellar all of the way through matching the Ghost's content all throughout. The features are exactly what you would expect from a Styles P album with D-Block and their affiliates, sadly without Jadakiss.

The best thing about the album is sadly also the worst thing. The similar content from start to finish makes it blend together and sound uninspired. “The World's Most Hardest MC Project” would have made a great mixtape, but as an album it's lacking in terms of content. Styles P is good enough to make a release as short as this enjoyable. He's the type of artist that a certain conviction in his lyrics that makes you feel and believe whatever it is he's saying. Even when he makes a relaxed effort such as this it still manages to be better than a lot of the music other artists put out.

The album is definitely not an essential piece in Styles P's discography, but if you're already a Styles P fan it's worth a listen. It's not bad, just incredibly mediocre. The album has nothing that we haven't heard from Styles before. Maybe next time he'll come with something a little more innovative for his next album.


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