Saturday, October 29, 2011

Step into my world.

This is our life, our world, our home. (Oh.G)LOBE

A Hip-Hop artist who's goal is to make sure everyone who deserves recognition gets it. Being an upcoming artist myself 
I understand how difficult it is to draw attention to your music when everyone is doing the same thing. This is why I created (Oh.G)LOBE. A place where everyone is equal and people can hear the talent in this generation. 

Here I will be posting a mixture of music, from fresh underground talent to the latest mainstream releases and occasionally some music of my own.

So step into my world and listen to the sounds of the underground mixed with the mainstream.

This isn't a blog, it's a place where artists come together. 

Welcome to (Oh.G)LOBE


Anonymous said...

Your fibe isnt normally what I go for.. but im willing to make the exception :)

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