Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Music!: Oh.G ft. Alicia Keys - Unthinkable (Remix)

Dropped a verse to one of my favourite tracks by Alicia Keys. 

Check it out and share it with others!

We all live love laugh same story different views
Tryna find myself so I can give my all to you
Give my all to you, will I give my all to you
Is this is even right for the life I wana try n star in too
Pardon me, it gets hard when the nights get cold
And the winter creeps in as the lights get low
Life so lypo'd need someone to die for
So im lookin for u thinking that you might show
Hi-lows, up downs, hearts beat, so loud
I'm just wana make it how can i slow down
Tryna live the moment but my eyes lowered now
Since i want limelight this ice cold town
Where we, fall in love with strippers, 
Staring at our pockets
And we dream of getting richer 
Cause our feelings are unconscience
....And I'm tryna lay low
What i really need is you to help me walk unpaved roads
So, come to me, i swear i treat u right
Dinner wine, sippin fine, let me feed u life
Then we can look back, recollect the memories
Unthinkable outcomes, lets be what wont let us be


bartender said...

very nice song..

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