Monday, February 27, 2012

New Beattape: Paradox - Habits

Paradox is a very talented 18 year-old hip-hop producer hailing from Upstate New York. With aspiritions to work with a wide range of rappers, Paradox is on a mission to construct an impressive instrumental hip-hop catalog to showcase the talents that he was blessed with. Everybody has different taste buds in beats, and Paradox is trying to satisfy as many as he can. Paradox likes to think of himself as a sound engineer as well as a beatsmith; mixing a very impressive ear for samples (which is evident by "Ohf" and "Boom Slap" on Habits) and an expert mastering ability. Paradox does not believe in being strapped down by a niche, and as a result he does not stick to a particular "signature sound". Habits is his 2nd beattape and is by far his best work.

Also, Paradox runs a very impressive blog called The Roll Off. He is always on top of the latest happenings in the entertainment world and is always covering the latest free music releases. I strongly recommend following the site.

Download Habits for free off Paradox's Bandcamp here or stream it here:

Paradox's Soundcloud: 

Paradox's Blog:

Follow Paradox on Twitter: @ZachMiller12


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