Wednesday, February 08, 2012

*Throwback* Big Lou- Resurrecting The Dead

In 2006 Big Lou released his first mixtape “Resurrecting The Dead” hosted by Kay Slay under the Street Sweeper label. Now I'm usually hesitant to use the term “Classic” especially when referring to a mixtape because they generally consist of a a collection of songs by the artist with no thought of creating a cohesive sound, but this mixtape here is a classic. Throughout the mixtape Big Lou takes you on a journey through the streets of Camden, New Jersey. He shows you it's ugly, gritty core with vivid imagery and exposes you to the horrors of his life. You're exposed to the trials and tribulations Lou faced as he guides you musically through his city. Instead of glorifying the drug life he uses it as a method to show deprived and corrupted his city. One of the things Big Lou does best throughout the mixtape tell spine tingling crime stories in songs like “All Alone”. Lou expertly weaves a visceral tale of a drug dealer in the slums depicts how he meets his bloody end. Big Lou examines himself and the bad hand life has dealt with covering topics ranging from him turning to the drug game at a young age, his drug addicted brother, and being abandoned by his father and watching his mother get physically abused when he was still a child. The whole mixtape isn't about the terrifying state of city however as he shows his eternal love for Hip-Hop which any listener no matter where you come from can relate to. In “Spiritual Metaphysics” he pays tribute to the many fallen MCs of Hip-Hop, a favorite to many fans. He brings back the art of the freestyle and raps over a few classic beats on the song “Jacking For Beats”. Aside from the skits Resurrecting The Dead has absolutely no filler which is quite impressive considering the mixtape is over 30 songs deep. Download the mixtape, trust me you will not be disappointed.


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