Thursday, March 01, 2012

Artist Interview: Chaundon

I am very grateful to have been able to get an interview with Chaundon, an artist with a new album, The Jammington, coming out on March 6th.  Chaundon already released a single from his album called "Possesion" ft. Craig G and Skillz the DJ.  It sounds like he will be very active in 2012, so get excited.

Me: How has growing up in the Bronx influenced your music?

Chaundon: Being in the center of it all, the influence was inevitable. Every where you looked, Hip Hop was there. It was the soundtrack of my life and my music is the reflection of it. 

Me: Who were your favorite rappers growing up? 

Chaundon: My favorite rappers growing up were the local hero's in my neighborhood, Mike Smooth (R.I.P) & Fred Black. Incredible rappers like Kane, G. Rap, Craig G, Slick Rick, were my favorites as well. 

Me: To get a feel for what the album is going to be like, what was some of the inspiration for The Jammington?

Chaundon: The inspiration for The Jammington was simply recording the album in New York. This was the 1st time I ever recorded an album in my city. The pulse of the city was the driving force behind the creation of my album.

Me: If there was one thing you would want everyone to take away from the album, what would it be?

Chaundon: I just want everyone to enjoy the album period!

Me: Are there any other projects we can be expecting from you?

Chaundon: I am currently working on The Freshington produced by Kuddie Fresh, & The Dopington produced by Family Biz Ent.  I also have an album produced by Shuko which is almost complete. Plus there are 3 more albums already in the works!

Me: It has been a couple years since the last time you released an album, do you think that there has been any life experience in the past two years that seperates "The Jammington" from your other albums.

Chaundon: I don't feel there is a time span needed to separate the albums I create. So much happens everyday and those experiences are put to music.  Plus the sound of music I choose from the producers I work with separate the sounds of each album. I plan on releasing 3 albums this year and they all sound different even while I'm recording them in the same time period. 

Me: Who do you have planned for collaborations on the new album?

Chaundon: On the album I have collaborated with Craig G, VonPea of Tanya Morgan, and YC The Cynic. They each brought the perfect elements to the album.

Me: Who's on the boards for The Jammington?

Chaundon: On the boards of The Jammington are ATG and myself, Chaundon of The Gemstones. 

Me: What's up with the Justus League? Is there anything new planned as far as a new project for the collective?

Chaundon: I have no clue about the Justus League.

Me: Do you get approached often by artists for collaborations?

Chaundon: I get a ton of collaboration requests! I am honored that people reach out to want to work with me. I must be doing something right.

Me: What do you bring to the table that deserves the ears of hip-hop listeners out there?

Chaundon: I bring dope beats, dope rhymes, what more do y'all want?!!

 Listen to Chaundon's first single off The Jammington, "Possession", here:

Chaundon's Bandcamp:

Follow Chaundon's Twitter: @CHAUNDON 



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