Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Mixtape Review: Cambatta - Visionary 2

In 2010 Connecticut MC Cambatta released the Visionary 2, sequel to his debut mixtape The Visonary. With Visionary 2 Cambatta proves that he can not only live up to the high expectations placed upon him from The Visionary but surpass them. The Visionary 2 is every bit as lyrical as its predecessor while maintaining it's own originality. The mixtape is very introspective as Cambatta discusses his trouble of balancing his romantic life with his rapping career and his own insecurities as a person.

Cam displays his diversity by coming at you from every angle imaginable, he covers braggadocio rap with “So Cocky” and then switches topics to his self doubt in “Keepin It Real” and somehow manages to sound completely natural and fluid in doing so. Cambatta pours out his heart over the microphone and lets the listener deep in his mind and into the core of his character allowing them to experience life in his eyes. Cam proves that he can hold his own with the best of them with tracks like “So Good” where he shares the spotlight with four other rappers and arguably has the best verse which is quite an accomplishment when the song features veteran rapper Crooked I.

V2's production is simply eloquent and mirrors the lyrics perfectly no matter the direction Cam chooses to take with the song. Truly the only thing that prevents me from giving this release a flawless 10/10 are a few of the features. A lot of rappers use the term “mixtape” as a crutch, an excuse to release a lackluster project, but Cambatta separates himself from them by putting together a masterful and original project that sounds more like an album. It's uncommon to find anything this day and age that you can listen to all the way through without pressing skip, but The Visionary 2 proves to be one of those rare gems.

Rating: 9/10


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