Wednesday, February 08, 2012

New Mixtape: Knowledge Medina & Numonics - Never Enough EP

Knowledge Medina released his latest release and first collab with producer Numonics yesterday, adding to the huge potential that the Florida MC has built up for himself. Knowledge Medina does his thing over Numonics's large, rock-inspired production. The beats compliment Medina's often modest-pace delivery very well and never overpowers the vocals, making us pay attention to what Medina has to say...and he has a ton to get off his chest on this one. He doesn't do it alone, however. Medina recruited a couple high profile names such as Co$$, one of the leaders of the new-school West Coast movement, and Reks, who appears twice. The Reks collaborations are among the best tracks on the EP and I hope Medina does more collaborations with other Showoff Records artists because his style would provide a lot of great chemistry with the other Showoff affiliated artists. I'd love to hear what he can do with a more polished studio sound. Here's to hoping a bigger label catches note of Never Enough and gives Knowledge Medina a chance to blow up; his skills more than justify one.

You can download or stream the free EP from DJ Booth here.


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