Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sample Of The Week: StewRat - Hold You Down

Every thursday, i'll be posting one sample i thought was flipped spectacularly well and be discussing it! New or old music, just something I heard that week. I'll also be trying to pick stuff that's not well known as one of the greatest samples ever or something like that. This can also be used as a weekly recommendation for an artist to look for if you're digging for samples. Listen to the video(s) in order and then read the comment at the bottom!

Sorry about skipping last week, y'all. Won't happen again!

Sample #1:

Skip to 2:09

This cut comes to us from StewRat's February 2010 beat tape, HeadLights. Chopped expertly, he took a 6 second clip and turned it into a very dope 1:27 hip-hop beat.


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